How to prepare my battery for its holiday?

How to prepare my battery for its holiday?

If you prepare your batteries well for their rest period, you will increase the chances it maintains its health and potential lifespan.  Inactivity is not good for a battery.

A fully charged battery is less prone to sulfation and self-discharge during storage.   So before storing the battery, ensure it is fully charged.  Disconnect the battery to prevent any parasitic drains that could gradually discharge the battery.  Clean terminals ensure good electrical connections and prevent discharge due to resistance.  Take the time to clean the battery terminals and exterior to remove any dirt, grease, or corrosion. 

Your RV does not like sun and dampness, and your batteries are particularly sensitive to these conditions.  Avoid storing the battery in areas prone to moisture or humidity, as this can accelerate corrosion and degrade the battery's performance.  Cool, dry and away from direct sunlight is best. Don’t leave them on a concrete floor or metal surface which has been known to cause a self-discharge.  During its holiday keep regular visits to your battery up so you can see if there is any corrosion, leaks, or damage.

Before reconnecting your battery do a full recharge with the appropriate battery charger.

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