A hotspot is not a modem.  Do not get confused.

A hotspot is not a modem. Do not get confused.

Your phone gives you the ability to create a hotspot.  Your phone and its data plan drive what can, and can’t be done, on your Smart TV or Smart Box.  What we have seen, is when people try to have multiple devices (like your laptop, phone, your mate’s laptop etc etc) connected and using the phone hotspot function, the TV is not able to connect or has very slow loading speed.  This is your phone and data plan issue, not the TV.  Try connecting your Smart TV by itself or consider getting a data plan that suits your needs better. 

If you having trouble connecting, try turning off all your other connected things – like the sound bar and other appliances.  This can help improve the hotspot conversation between your phone and TV.

You must make sure that all the correct settings on your phone are turned ON to enable hotspot data sharing. Settings are different on different models of phones. If everything is on, you’ve entered your password for your hotspot into the TV and it’s still not connecting you should contact your service provider. Check that you have the correct plan for data sharing.

A wee trick around passwords and them not working.  You may have inadvertently put a couple of spaces in front of where you are tapping in the password.  Try deleting (or backspacing) before you put your password in.  You’d be surprised at how many times we have done this, and it has worked.

People also can have trouble connecting to the campsite Wi-Fi.  You may get a notification after entering the password telling you that you are “Connected but can’t connect to internet”. You will need to download an internet browser, for example Google Chrome. When you open the app and open a webpage to any website you will be re-directed to the campsite router where you can enter the password and connect to internet. 

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