My TV will not listen to me. What are some things I could try?

My TV will not listen to me. What are some things I could try?

Is the TV plugged in? Is it switched on at the power point?  When was the last time you changed the batteries in your remote?  Are the batteries in the right way? Use your glasses!  Do not be surprised that it sometimes can be that simple…

When things are just not going smoothly with your technology sometimes just giving it all a bit of a breather and a reset works. Don’t know why. It just does.  Try disconnecting your TV or Satellite Receiver from the power source.  Give it a few minutes, then plug back in and give it a go.

To reset the Hako Smart box, opposite the small LED light there is another small hole, you can use the end of a paperclip and insert it into the hole – you should hear a click noise, this means the box has been reset.

If your TV is turning off when you use other appliances, you may be experiencing voltage fluctuations throughout your motorhome/caravan. TVs do not like fluctuations/spikes and a way to smooth them out is using a DC filter.  They can be either hardwired or inserted into the 12V Cig plug.

Keeping the TV picture but losing the audio is a good indicator that you have low voltage going into the TV. A way to check if it is power is to plug your TV directly into a 230 Volt source.

If your remote won’t work on TV first check out your batteries.  When was last time you changed them, and are they in the right way?  Then, if your TV still isn’t responding to your Remote, make sure you are pointing it at the sensor.  It may be that the remote has accidently un-paired.

Use your TV remote to navigate to the settings icon and the top right corner of your home screen.  Select “Remotes and Accessories”, Select “Add Accessory”.  HOLD the home button AND the LEFT ARROW simultaneously on the smart remote until the pop up appears. (you should notice a red light flash on the remote during this process).  Use the TV remote to select.  It will say “connecting” then “Paired”

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