Satellite Dishes

We are unable to source parts for the older model Southern Cross 45.

My dish will go up but only rotates 45 degrees

Indicates an internal gear has broken either by a lack of lubrication on the gears perhaps the dish has had a knock.  

My dish is laying completely back

This could be caused by a loose loom connection so check that the connection is tight and clean.  Otherwise, it could be that the counter in the motor may be failing or that the motor itself is failing. 

My dish is locking on in the opposite direction

The dish is unable to see the signal so it is returning back to its default position. It could be failure of the LNB or failure of the cable running between the LNB and the indoor unit. Test with 6m RG cable through window from LNB to control box. Send dish back up, if it locks it’s likely a cable issue, if it doesn’t lock change the LNB and test again

The display panel reads “Loading Please Wait”, “Opening”, “Closing”

The most likely cause for this issue is a loose connection. Check that the blue connection at the base of the dish is tight in both connectors.

The display panel reads “EL Overload”, “AZ Overload

This is relating to the motors in the dish. Check all the connections at the dish’s base.  Then reset using the master switch.  If there is no master switch, reset via the black control box.

The display panel reads “Check Limit Key please wait”.

This could be caused by low voltage, or perhaps the dish had a knock? Has this happened at the end of the night after using a lot of power? If so – turn off master switch, count to 10 then turn back on. No master switch? Unplug fuse on black box.  

If the dish is knocked this will cause the plastic gear to split, this has been designed this way so that the internal gears are protected from damage.


  • E01: The initialization of the antenna control board failed
  • E02: Antenna Input Power is tested. If failed, check the RF cable.
  • E03: Skew System is tested. If failed, check the control board, skew motor.
  • E04: Tuner is tested. If failed, check the tuner and cable connection.
  • E05: LNB is tested. If failed, check the LNB and control board.
  • E06: Gyro board is tested. If failed, check the gyro board, cable connection.
  • E07: EL axis is tested. If failed, check the limit sensors, motor and belt for EL axis.
  • E08: AZ axis is tested. If failed, check the limit sensors, motor and belt for AZ axis.