Solar and Batteries

We are well positioned to advise you on battery performance and what charging systems you need to match your lifestyle. Our partnership with Enerdrive and Battery Town provide us with access to the latest technologies along with their second to none pedigree in battery knowledge. We do it all - AGM, Lithium, Inverters, DC to DC, solar controllers and regulators, amp chargers and solar panels.

Battery replacement and upgrades

Get the NZMCA Battery Town discount - 10% on RRP. Check out us with your Association number to place your order and claim your discount.

Check out the health of your batteries first if you think your 12v appliance has failed.. A voltage test measures the voltage at a specific point in time and is a quick assessment of battery health, but it does not provide true insight of the batteries performance over time or under load. A Lester Discharge battery test provides a more comprehensive test. When your RV arrives, we set about getting the batteries fully charged, and then start up the Lester Discharge tester. Usually, this process goes overnight and gives readings at various times as to what state the battery is in.

How to learn more

Not all batteries are created equal… and not all information you hear about batteries is easy to understand. The Battery Town website provides sound technical advice as well as really simple and easy to understand info for those that are just starting out on their RV journey. It is slanted towards cranking batteries, but it will help you build your baseline knowledge. Start with Batteries made simple  and go from there. It is especially helpful at explaining the difference between engine start and deep cycle batteries.


Like all products,  the key is using a product the way it  was designed and for the purpose it was installed (see article

Battery Town is super easy to deal with in Warranty as it covers when battery fault is due to faulty materials or workmanship on the part of the battery. BUT warranty is void through misuse, misapplication or other abnormal factors which affect the battery. This means you really do need to have the right battery installed for how you are planning to use it.We can help with designing and installing the right battery system.

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